UPS Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply, also known as a UPS or backup battery, is an electrical device that supplies power to a load during a power outage.

It is intended to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system, or other power electronic device such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, and the like. Backup UPS and online UPS, tower design and compact design, wide input voltage and frequency range, and AVR or PFC capabilities.

As a result, UPS is ideal for providing reliable power protection for critical equipment in your home or business during power outages, saving files and avoiding data loss. UPS devices typically provide protection against excessive voltage or low voltage. It can ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the power outage, so that the user can save the disk urgently, so that the user does not affect the work or lose data due to power outage. Buy UPS with factory price from ATO is your good choice!

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